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Vindication April 6, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in Uncategorized.

So about seven years ago when my department was first formed here at good old U. the university hired my current boss. We’ll call her the lady, that’s not her name, but bear with me. Now the University assigned as her subordinate, a guy we’ll call Dick. Dick felt all along that HE should be the head of this new department and that hiring a women to be his superior, was, well, he would prove it was a mistake. The first person the lady hires, is ME. Dick of course has been trash talking about me ever since.

To placate Dick, the lady went and hired a guy we’ll call Norton. Dick liked Norton and subsequently recommended him for a job in the department. Dick now feels that he has the authority and influence that he has deserved all along and that his importance is being recognized. Not surprisingly, I don’t get along with Dick and I find after working with Norton that he’s a knucklehead as well and so he and I don’t get along either.

So Dick hires a few more people, so that he can be seen as an important person and with one exception, everyone he hires is a consummate knucklehead. Norton and I end up working for the lady, all the other Dick hires, answer to Dick.

Dick hires people based on two criteria; One, they have a basically weak personality and two, they have Italian surnames. In one hire he was solely responsible for, we’ll call him Jasper, I’m convinced the guy was a true sociopath. With that one previously mentioned exception, every single Dick hire, is a problem for me and everyone else.

I have communicated this to the lady over the past few years and being the diplomat, she has not give any direct recognition that my perceptions will be acted on.

Anyway, the one exception to Dicks knucklehead rule has up and left the University. He had enough and walked into Flo’s office and announced that he’s leaving even though he has no other job. One of Dicks knuckleheads has been assigned to replace him and Jasper the sociopath has been fired. So now Dick works only with the people he has hired and his reputation as a manager is in the sewer. Norton is still here, but he has gotten the message to behave.

Serves Dick right for trashing me for the past six plus years.

BTW, everyone I have recommended to be hired has turned out to be a real rock of dependability. I now have the reputation for being good at finding the right people.
See Dick hire. Hire Dick Hire. Now Dick, work with the people YOU hire and you and them, stay away from me!



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