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The End is Near April 12, 2006

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The end of the regular academic year is fast approaching. Usually by this time, I am feeling a bit drained. There are many mornings I get to work at 7 and don’t leave until 6 pm. That can drain anyone, particularly a gimpy old guy like myself. I’m on call every weekend and I average about two calls a month. I usually work one saturday or sunday a month and a few scattered holidays. So by the time easter arrives, I’m getting a little frazzeled. I really need the next 5 days off.
I’m sitting here in the MAC lab waiting for the last two students to realize that they need a life and be on their way. Of course, this room won’t be open for the next five days, it’s getting close to finals time, so they getting in all the time they can. But, you can hear a giant sucking sound as students leave the campus.
The boss was in a good mood when I saw her this afternoon and her positive, upbeat attitude is always infectious. Thank God I work for her. How many bosses have I had who need to give you something to think about on your days off, just to keep playing with your head. I always thought that kind of behaviour was diseased and now, working for Flo, I know it is. She has garnered more respect from me by being humane, than all the other pin-heads put together who had to play tough guy. If anyone talks with John, tell him I am talking about him.
I’m gonna sleep and then sleep some more. Do domestic chores and maybe see a movie. Lordy – Lordy do I need time off.



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