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Braindroppings April 18, 2006

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Why do women have to carry nine different bags?? They have one for their purse, then they carry a bag for books or another for lunch or maybe one for their household furniture. I got behind a women at the checkout who was buying a cup of tea. Before she managed to sort through all the bags, get to her purse, find her wallet, count out the single bill and exact change, put away the wallet, collect her purse and other bags…..for cryin’ out load is this some sort of dementia??

Why is it when you are behind someone blocking the way and you say “excuse me” they turn around and assume that you want to have a conversation? GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! You’re not interesting enough for me to want to hear anything you have to say.

Andy Rooney is no longer entertaining. He is trying too hard to be a grouch and it is no longer interesting, it makes him appear just old and tired.

Gas is three dollars a gallon and I still get the pissed off look from other drivers on the thruway because I won’t go sixty-five.

Donald Rumsfeld is being sniped at by retired generals because he called them on their out dated notions of the military. Those that have been made to feel uncomfortable are getting their revenge.

IF you have been following the Enron trial and the performance of Jeff Skilling, you will remember my warning on this guy. I said he is a corporate socio-path and his testimony over the past few days proves it. He is convinced that he is so skilled a manipulater that taking the stand in his own defense, he can snow the jury. Even though the evidence is damning. The question now is, is he right. Most people are followers and guys like Skilling take advantage that to make themselves rich.



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