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Full Court Press April 24, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in Global Warming.

This past weekend the liberal/left are putting on a full court press to scrare the crap out of the American public in the hopes that it will get them votes. There was a full “docudrama” on bird flu. Never mind that no one, absolutely no one in the United states has contracted the virus. But, the program that played out yesterday showed the absolutley horrific results WHEN it happens. Not IF, but when.

On top of the that there are two more “docudramas” on tonight that will discuss in detail the dire consequences of global warming and how we are near the tipping point of no return. What a truck load of crap.

Both of these decidedly propagandistic programs are merely the ground work for the liberal/left to be seen as coming to the rescue. They will offer up some enormous program to solve a problem that does not exist, but they will succeed in taking your money and pissing it away.

Both notions are manure. My great fear is that the American public will believe this tripe, and after working with the white trash at that Big Blue computer company, my guess is they will and in the process they will sell their liberty right cheap.

Joseph Goebles would be proud of the work of the liberal/left.



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