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Stephan Colbert May 1, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in The Liberal/Left.

I saw Sixty Minutes last night and they did a segment on Colbert. Colbert was also a speaker at the White House Correspondents dinner. So I thought I should comment (are you surprised?).

Colbert is going to go the way of Air America. His comedy (such as it is) mocks middle america. I know, I know, Morely Safer said he is mocking Bill O'Reilly. But, middle America will probably see it different. Colbert is making fun of red state America and the people in Peoria are not going to buy it. He will use some of the free publicity he has gotten, just like Air America, and the end, this little fruit will die on the vine.

Until the Liberal/Left begin seeing middle America as people who have value and worth, until the Liberal/Left change their paradigm, Air America, Stephan Colbert and the rest of the "we're going to take back the airways" crowd, will spend a lot of money and not get much in return.



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