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A Passing Thought June 7, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in The Liberal/Left.

I've been giving some thought to Bush and how the liberal/left interpret him. Now the liberal/left love to villify those they disagree with, it is of course a simple minded thing to do and it is no doubt a catharsis for their basically immature personality's.

Keep in mind that "W" is not my favorite president, I think that his management "style" is authoritarian and subsequently not open to a variety of opinions. I have large problems with authoriarian personality's of all kinds being that I am the open minded and free thinking individual that the liberal/left only dream of being.

Of course you will never get me to even begin supporting his liberal opponents as they are, well, liberals. I would rather have my body slathered with oil and be spanked by a super model then support the liberal/left agenda. Actually, I'm planning on doing that no matter what, but I digress.

So I have given some thought on how to best view "W" and all the liberals out there should take note, as it is a most insightful way to understand his thinking and actions. Ya ready………………here it comes…….

George Bush is the Govenor of Texas.

That's it. From here on in, when ever reading or thinking about "W" just remember, he is the govenor of Texas.



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