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Let The People Decide July 10, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in The Liberal/Left.

The whole nonsense about homosexual marriage can be solved by putting the proposition on a ballot. Let the people decide. Of course, letting the people decide is something the liberal/left are terrified of doing. After all, if the people feel confident in decideing their future, then we won’t need the spectacular brain power of the liberal/left. Strangely enough, when the people do get to vote on homosexual marriage, the proposition has been defeated usually by 75% of the voters.

Some in Massachusetts are trying to get this on the next ballot. But, the liberal/left are using lawsuits and the courts to prevent the people from deciding their own lives. The liberal/left using the courts to legislate………that’s never happened before.



1. uiqxjio - July 17, 2006


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2. screaminglunatic - July 17, 2006

Thank you for your scintillating reply. No doubt, this is your total contribution to the public conversation, so I want to thank you again.

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