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Braindroppings July 24, 2006

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You know, everyone is probably tired of me ranting about the sheer stupidity of the global warming nut-jobs, but, I just can’t seem to get it out of my system.

So a terrorist organization in the mideast is getting it’s ass kicked by the Israelis and the liberal/left apologists for tyranny are already exuding schadenfreude over the Israeli defeat. I just read an article by some cement-headed liberal and the title was something to the effect of how the Israeli army didn’t seem to have made any progress. Hell, it’s been maybe ten days. This knucklehead would probably be glad that the U.S. army got stuck in the normandy hedgerows.

I went to my monthly movie and saw superman. The front was OK but the back was tedious. Action movies are using computer generated scenes far too much. It seems to be that the directors have a new toy and have yet to tire of it.

My foot is doing better, thank you very much.

My nephews birthday was last week and I sent him a banana farm. There is a web site that will sell you a banana seedling with directions on how to grow it. I haven’t heard from the big guy as to wether or not he thinks might be interesting. I assume he is still thinking about it.

I love working at a university. We go to four day work weeks in july and the first half of august. I supplimate that with taking vacation days for the fridays in June, a week during memorial week and another during the week of the fourth. With other holidays during the year, I work a five day week less than three quarters of the year.



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