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Race and Culture August 7, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in Uncategorized.

The liberal/left have made a significant living over race baiting and i want to take this opportunity to straighten some things out. First off, any differences in behaviour, values or achievement is always because of culture. Bringing race into the mix is wrong from a logic standpoint and wrong from an ethical standpoint. If anyone accuses you of being a racist and the liberal/left are notorious for this, check to see if what they or you are referring to isn’t race but culture. Now here comes the real problem, the liberal/left demand (there’s that word again) that you respect all cultures. Really?!

I always point out to them that the Inca’s believed in human sacrifice, that it was a part of their culture. Do they respect that? Or arranged marriages, or honor killings, or the belief that a child who has TB is haunted by demons and that if the local witch doctors waves a rattle above them and makes the child spin around three times that the child will be cured and subsquently not in need of modern medicine? Point out to the liberal/left that not all cultures are equal, that if indeed they were, then all cultures would have representative democracy, free market capitalism and indoor plumbing.

Those cultures based on the western european tradition are by far superior. This is where modern medicine comes from, hell, it’s where all modern science comes from. That notion of civil liberties started in Greece and is part of this tradition. Look around the world and you will see those countries and cultures that have not been a part of this western european tradition are, as I write this, moving as fast as they can in that direction.

This of course leads me up to the current world war we are fighting against the Islamofacists. They want to destroy that tradition and substitute a fourteenth century religious oligarchy. We must not let this happen. If we do, a new dark age will decend on the human race and our decendents will never know any of those things that we assume to be worthwhile.



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