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Work A ‘Day August 7, 2006

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Freud said something to the effect that the only thing that mattered to people were those they loved and the work they did. Well, I work doing what give me satisfaction and I occasionally remind myself that this makes it a good life. Work things are of course very routine and decidedly chaotic both at the same time. The hours are the same everyday, most everyday, but with the new academic year roaring down the tracks like an out of control freight train and heading straight for me certainly give me things to think about.

Right now the director of the other computer department has decided that not enough people think he is important. So, he has decided to make any request he responds to difficult. Alot of passive aggressive nonsense. If you ask him for something he gives you the wrong thing. When you tell him it’s the wrong thing, he tells you that you don’t know how it operates, when you tell him you spoke with those who do know and that they agree it will not operate and that you need the right thing, he gives something else that is wrong. He doesn’t answer your email, he has some employee who has no experience with what your doing answer it and of course they get confused and you end up with the wrong thing again. All in all, you end up dealing with a sad little human whose weak ego has to exert itself by making life complicated. Of course, he’s an Italian Momma’s boy, which now doubt is at the core of his lack of self confidence.

But, overall my group is making progress. Which no doubt pisses off the aforementioned momma’s boy. At least I can say that my group is heading forward. I can say with confidence that a great deal of progress has been made and we make more every day and my contact with with the little boy is minimal. Usually I can run it through my boss whose ability to deal with people like him is astounding.

Life is good.



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