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In Case You Were Wondering August 10, 2006

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We are indeed involved in a world war. It is against facism, Islamofacism, but fasicm none the less. Because these people use terror as a weapon, they are terrorists. Crashing airplanes into office buildings, blowing up airplanes and launching rockets into civilian populations centers are all the products of terrorists. The National Socialists of Germany did the same by launching the V2 rocket into London. They proudly called themselves fasicts.

Today the British have thwarted a terrorist attack against civilian airplanes. Once again it is the Islamofasicts. There are still people out there who ask the question “what do they want?”. This is simple. Vladimir Lenin the founder of the Soviet Union and without a doubt a blood thirsty dictator and a terrorist in his own right explained the object of terroristic activities. He said “the job of a terrorist, is to terrorize”. Now on the surface this seems too simple and rather banal, but look a little deeper and you find something else.

The job of a terrorist is to terrorize. It is not the job of terrorist to right some wrong, or call attention to some injustice, or to fight the good fight, or even increase peoples awareness as to the plight of the innocent. “The job of a terrorist is to terrorize”. Nothing more.

Now what I have learned about world history tells me that you cannot have a sustained terrorist campaign, without outside support and this, is what is going to cause the real problems in the world. Find out who is supporting the terrorists and who will benefit if they win and you find the real reason for terrorist activities.



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