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Global Warming has It’s Detractors August 30, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in Global Warming, The Liberal/Left.

One of those detractors is me of course. But, here is an article.

There is no open debate on Global Warming because the liberal/left and their adherence to totalitatian control of ANY information refuse to allow or take seriously any discussion of the subject.



1. john - January 2, 2008
2. screaminglunatic - January 2, 2008

John….we’re both in agreement across the board.

3. Mar. - January 24, 2009

We do not need to listen to any scientist, liberal, conservative or detractor to see that something is wrong with weather patterns. Whether human made or natural, somehting IS happening.
IF we are not sure if humans are responsible for this change, then we should immediately stop all activities that are thought to contribute to it, then wait a while and see if this helped, if it didn’t, then that particular activity is not the problem, we can resume activities carefully.
In British Columbia where I live, millions upon millions of trees have died because warm winters are no longer killing insects that attack our trees. These insects are not from here and only showed up in the last few years when things have warmed up. The dead trees are red now, and you can see this for yourself on Google Earth. Whatever anyone believes, these things are happening, this cannot be denied.

screaminglunatic - January 24, 2009

As I type this, I sit on land that at one time was covered by glaciers. The island of Long Island which stretches east from NYC for 120 miles is the result of the melting of this glacier. There have been at least 4 periods of glaciacion over the millenia. During the 15th centruy there was a period that has been called “mini glacial period”. The idea that any current warming could be the product of we puny human beings passing gas is ridiculious. The idea that we should change our behaviour and then observe any changes in the climate is akin to stating that chocolate pudding causes brain tumors and we should stop eating chocolate pudding and observe what happens.
The “science” is so bogus and politically contrived that the conclusions are meaningless and those who forment the theory and/or the conclusions, lack anything that could be called “intellectualism” or for that matter, sanity.

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