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Varied Thoughts for the Day October 10, 2006

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My brother no longer reads this Blog. Apparently, the statements I make about the liberal/left are too much for him.

Had the day off yesterday, man did I need it. I practiced the guitar probably 3 hours. Took a nap, ate, watched the tube and made it a point not to even think of work. Very thereaputic.

Barbara Streisand had a concert last night at Madison Square Garden. As part of her show, she does a give and take with a George Bush impersonator. Someone in the audience had the nerve to assume that they had paid more than a hundred dollars to hear a singer sing and not make political points. Imagine the gaul of that individual. When they made their displeasure known to the performer, they were told to “Shut the F**&^ UP!. The amazing thing about the liberl/left is they forgotten about the notion of class……………or how to get some.

I have my semi-annual Dr’s appt today. Nothing important, I hope, just the usual.

What was with the traffic this morning?! It was the worst I had seen in a couple of years. There is a spot where the Pkwy narrows down to two lanes just as it turns into another Pkwy. It was that exact spot where the highway department had to block off the left lane, park a couple of trucks and have 5 highway workers stand around and look confused. Traffic was backed up more than a mile. Sometimes I get the impression that the highway department does these things because they don’t have real work to do. So they make everyones life a little uncomfortable just to make it appear they are doing important things.

Tower records is going out of business. I heard that on the radio and drove over immediatley. Of the two Nickel Creek CD’s I bought, frankly, their first one was better.

Well it appears that my weekend was rather dull. Which is exactly the way I needed it. A little vacation from the stuff at work………….and now, back to business.



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