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MY Vegas Story December 19, 2006

Posted by screaminglunatic in Odds N' Ends.

Back in 1973, being eighteen and having no real plan for life, I decided that I would hitchhike across the country from Long Island to LA. At the time the only place in the country with any siginificant gambling was Vegas, so I made it a point of stopping there and do a little wagering. After I lost six dollars my gambling fever had been cured so I headed back to the campground at Lake Mead where I was staying. I ended up on the outskirts of Vegas just about sundown. Eventually a car pulled over to give me a ride and I ran up to it inquire where he was going and wether or not he would take me near my destination. But before I got to the car the passenger door opened up and out stepped a naked women. The only thing she was wearing was a smile.

I told where I was headed she said they would get me close, she then moved the back of the seat forward so I could into the back and she moved it back so she could get into the front passenger seat, she closed the door and we were off with a drunken cowboy driving.

We proceeded the approximately ten miles to my destination, having a polite conversation about trivial things. Eventually, we had gone far enough, I told the driver that I needed to get out to walk the last mile or so back to my camp site. He pulled over, she got out and stood in the open door of the car, I got out, thanked her for the lift, she said “your welcome”. She then got back into the car, closed the door and they left in a cloud of dust.

In the entire trip cross country, that ride was, for my eighteen year old sensabilities at least, the most interesting.

That…is my Vegas story.



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