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Odds-N-ends January 2, 2007

Posted by screaminglunatic in Odds N' Ends.

Well the landlady decided that the furnace needed to be replaced. That was done the day after Christmas, which meant we didn’t have any heat for the next three days. But, things are fixed just in time for the weather to warm.

I went to a Wholefoods supermarket yesterday. This chain is billing itself as the Organic answer to the national supermarket chain. Frankly, I was impressed. The quaility of the food was superior to what I get at Shop Rite. The store was smaller, but there is no giant aisle for pet food, like wise there is no giant aisle for cleaning products or greeting cards or books. The store sells food with small sections of the aforementioned items. Of course, the quaility is better translates into higher prices.

Being the nearest store to me is thirty minutes away and the prices are higher to boot, I probably will only shop there if I need a unique item. Now, if I become wealthy and a store opens nearby, this will change. I do not anticipate me becoming wealthy anytime in the near future.

My landlady gave me the best Christmas gift this year. A giftcard to Dunkin Donuts. Now the other gifts were nice, but free Dinkin Donuts coffee, it just is the best.



1. lynn - January 17, 2007

Open a Whole Foods nearer to you. Give yourself a discount!

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