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Right of Passage August 28, 2007

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One of those things that all cultures seem to have for teenagers is a right of passage. This being a event that denotes the dividing line between childhood and adulthood. We in this culture do not have one. There is the Bar Mitzvah, but American culture by and large does not have one.

When I was fourteen, I spent 10 days at the Boy Scout ranch in Cimmeron New Mexico and I have always seen that as the right of passage equivalent in my life. Backpacking throught the Rockies almost all of it above 8 thousand feet. Climbing Mount Baldy at 12 thousand feet and learning to rapell down a sheer cliff. All of these things for a fourteen year old was a real paradigm shift.

I have been trying to convince my siblings to send their kids to Outward Bound. The thinking being this could be the right of passage for my neices and nephews. Unfortunately, money is the obstacle. That and a lack of awareness on the part of my siblings.

All kids in their mid teen years should experience that challenge of living and becoming comfortable in an environment that is outside their paradigm. It will last them the rest of their life.



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