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The Liberal/Left and The Military Draft September 28, 2007

Posted by screaminglunatic in The Liberal/Left.

The liberal/left love to trot out the boogie-man of “The Draft” every time they see the need to scare young people into voting for them. Let me say emphatically, that anytime you hear a politician claim there is going to be a draft, or there should be a draft, you make a note of two things; First, they are most likely democrats. Secondly, what are they trying to scare you into doing? The touting of the draft is nothing more than a scare tactic. Let me tell you why there will NOT be a draft.

The military does NOT want it. That’s it. Nothing more complicated then that. You see, the military likes the volunteer military. Their attitude is simple, if you do not want to be there, then don’t. If you do not like the military, you shouldn’t join and more importantly, if the military doesn’t like you, they can get rid of you.

If there were a draft, every skeezoid, loser, drunkard, junkie, child-molester, wife beater, mental retardate and momma’s boy, the military would have to clothe, feed, house, train and discipline. The military knows this. The military does not want this. The military does not want the draft.

So, once again, when the liberal/left bring up the draft, they are trying to scare you and manipulate you. If that does happen, it’s your fault.



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