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Diversity Training November 27, 2007

Posted by screaminglunatic in The Liberal/Left.

So the Progressive Students Association has apparently gotten some new blood. Who ever this individual is, they are propelling this club to run all sorts of leftist programs. A couple of weeks ago they had diversity training from a group called The Center For The Study Of White American Culture . It is obviously something rather ad hoc in the way it was formed, but more importantly is the leftist nonsense that they are using as a teaching tool. The difference with the program given here and the one at the University of Delaware is, at U of D it was very well organized and mandatory. All freshman were required to participate. Here at this place, the session was singular and voluntary. Of course, that makes me wonder how many sad-sacks actually showed up to be lectured on the evils of white European culture. In reality, the session was an inoculation session. The idea is to get people used to the presence of the program and as time goes on the pressure to attend will gradually increase. Ultimately, the program can only succeed if it is mandatory. That can only happen with a slow escalation of public awareness of the program and a campaign to convince administration and faculty of the essential need for all to attend.  That will take a few years and if I work it right, I will be retired before they get me to sit in on one of these brain washing sessions.

I have made it one of my tasks to collect all the information on these programs I can. If I get enough it will get me leverage. All I have to do is mention that this information could find it’s way to the conservative press and being that many alumni are conservative in their politics, there would be a shit storm. Donations to the endowment would dry up and the credibility of the university would suffer.

I do hope that none of that would be necessary and I pray that the programs themselves would dry up and be forgotten. If a student is the individual behind this new found energy, it will go away when they graduate. If a staff or faculty member is behind this awakening of leftist propaganda, that person will no doubt be making friends, political connections and establishing a reputation that will help them into turning these programs into a part of the permanent culture. I will have to fight this slow campaign whose ultimate goal is  to undermine any free thinking individual.



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