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Feeling Blue May 12, 2008

Posted by screaminglunatic in Uncategorized.

There is new management at work and they give all the indications of being similar to the morons I worked for at the large blue machine company. The childish need for control over their employees that go so far as to decide the color of their ties and what they eat for lunch in the cafeteria. All of this is backed up by gleeful disrespect they show for those they supervise.

When they find someone who has established themselves as a reliable yet independent employee they move to remove that independence even going so far as destroying the reliablity.  After all, control is more important than giving the customer what they want and need. They are slowly removing my responsibilites not because I can’t do them, but because of the aforementioned independence and contributions I have been able to make because of that independence.

In a few months or a year they will look at me in confusion and wonder why the reputation I had for being the go to guy in getting things accomplished existed at all. They of course have removed the ability or freedom to be that go to guy by the need for control and sabotage of anything remotely productive, but in their minds, because they can do it is proof that they should do it.  Circular logic. Since they can remove the ability to be useful, they should remove the ability to be useful and since the person is no longer useful that is proof that their control is needed.

I found over the years that most people when required to make a decision usually make the wrong one.

The past eight years here have been a dream. I have had the best of both worlds, the freedom of working for myself and the security of working for someone else. I made policies and procedures without any significant interference and yet I didn’t have to worry about meeting payroll or paying the bills. All things change and unfortunately, this thing has changed.

I gotta make another 6 years. Then, I can always tap my retirement funds. All I gotta do is hang on.



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