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Barack Obama Part III June 4, 2008

Posted by screaminglunatic in Barack Obama.

So he won the nomination. Whoopee!. I want to state again that Obama’s followers are dangerous. They will not allow anyone to think differently then they. The days of the American brown-shirts has arrived and it will not be pretty. I fully expect that up to and including the Democratic party convention that Republicans and McCain supporters will be left alone. No retribution. But, after the convention and after the summer is over, things will change.

I fully expect there to be a campaign to punish those who are not of the Obama religion. Cars and homes will be vandalized. Careers will be destroyed. Tolerance, a liberal/left byword, will be out the window in favor of conformity and power.

What I plan to do is simple…..my auto will have a Obama for President bumper sticker on it. Probably both front and back. Anyone who asks, I will tell them I am voting for Obama. I will do in the privacy of the voting booth is vote for McCain.

The days of free expression are over. Be prepared to have your politics vetted. Be prepared to have your homes invaded by the true believers and be prepared to lie to them…………..or else.



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