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My October November 24, 2008

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At the beginning of the month, my boss wrote an extremely flattering letter as a recommendation for an award here at work. I was beside myself with pride and it stroked my ego like nothing I have ever experienced at any job I have ever had. Of course the Universe couldn’t let that positive go by without dumping negatives all over me.

A week later the same boss sat me down and explained that I was the subject of a lawsuit. It appears that interviews I conducted last January, one of the individuals who did not get the job is contesting it. Discrimination you see. The fact that the person I recommended was of the same, shall we say character, is no doubt lost. So after some meetings with a lawyer, my boss and the other people who involved in the interview, the ball is the contestants court. Why I was the only person named in the suit when there were two others in the interviews as well, of course that’s life.

So I go to my doctor for my annual. He tells me that my PSA has spiked and that I am lucky because we caught the cancer early. After giving me this little tidbit he gives me a strange look and literally runs out of the room leaving me sitting there thinking about my chances. All of sudden, within two weeks I went from riding on a cloud to thinking my career and maybe my life was going to be shorter than I had planned.

The next couple of weeks were hell. I couldn’t sleep, my gut was aching all the time, I was drinking way too much and I was afraid I was in a death spiral.

So I go to the specialist, get “assessed” and another blood test.

The specialist called me back a week ago and told me that my PSA had dropped by almost fifty percent and that he could find nothing outwardly wrong. In his opinion, I didn’t have cancer. RELIEF. My stomach stopped hurting and my morale certainly approved. I did not want to go into the thanksgiving holiday with cancer hanging over my head.

The lawsuit is still in process, but at least my health is ok.

October, was a shit storm.



1. Nathan - November 25, 2008

I’m glad everything is alright on the health front.

Hope the lawsuit goes well. I can never quite believe the amount of people who sue other people. i don’t understand it. Oh well


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