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Taking the Bus April 8, 2009

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I decided that since we had some functions here at work this past Saturday, that I would come in around 8:30 and make sure everything was up and running in time.

Well I park at the Mall and take the Express over the bridge to catch a train at the train station. Fast forward to  about 7:10 in the morning and the driver misses his exit. There we were  on the highway heading pout of state when the driver realizes he missed his exit. He stops, right on 287 and announces to everyone on the bus he needs help finding his way back to his exit. We drive further along  and he suddenly figures out a way to get headed back in the other  direction. Now he gets off at a different exit and we end up driving in this behemoth of a bus through the back streets of the city. Eventually through luck and happenstance, he finds the train station and the passengers can all get off and make their train, which I did. The late train, but I did make to work just as the security guard unlocked the rooms.

The day was far from over.

The bus ride home, one of society’s less successful people got on the bus and he was well into his cups. He gets on his cell phone and begins a conversation with Tony loud enough so everyone one the bus hears. Apparently he needs money and he is negotiating with Tony. If Tony gives him money, he would be willing to kill someone for Tony. The driver pulls over and tells him to pipe down, which he does for a few seconds and then he engages in a cuss fest directed at the driver. The driver gets on his cell and speaks with the main office asking how to contact the police. Fortunately, we make it to the  station where the offending passenger gets off. We continue on without incident.

That was my saturday.



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