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Nancy Pelosi and Torture July 15, 2009

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This entire revival of the CIA and torture brouhaha is NOT about uncovering the nefarious dealings of the CIA. The whole thing is about getting Nancy Pelosi. Let me explain.

The most powerful person in Washington is,of course, BO. Since he took office he has made a historical power grab unprecedented in American history. Now, the ONLY person who can challenge that power is the second most powerful person in Washington. Most people think that is the Vice President, but alas that is a common mistake. The Vice President has only two responsibilities, first make sure the President is still alive, second to break a voting tie in the Senate. Since BO is young and healthy the first is not likely to concern anyone and since the Democrats control the Senate with a filibuster-proof majority it is unlikely that “Joltin Joe” Biden will be called on to participate in any significant way in Washington.

Now some of you are going to say “What about Dick Cheney”, look at what he did. Every time the Democratic leadership brings up Dick Cheney, the liberal/left followers heads spin around and they start talking in tongues. THAT is the reason the democratic leadership bring up Dick Cheney, they are trying to get the liberal/left followers to buy into this “investigation” into the CIA and torture. Remember, the vice-president has virtually no power. If the VP ordered people to do ANYTHING, they could ignore it without any repercussions.  Dick Cheney is the strawman to get the troops all marching in the right direction.

The second most powerful person in Washington is………..wait for it……….the speaker of the house.  Currently that person is Nancy Pelosi. When the CIA was considering waterboarding people, being good government bureaucrats and knowing they need to keep the second most powerful person on there side if they wanted to continue to get funding, they kept Nancy P well informed. I am willing to go out on a limb here and say that Nancy was made aware of waterboarding, but gave her whole hearted approval.  She didn’t want to be seen as soft on terrorism and frankly I think approving waterboarding is probably in character for her.

As the “investigation” goes forward, Dick Cheney will drop off the radar screen. Once his job is done, that of motivating the liberal/left troops to buy into the special prosecutor, he will no longer warrant time with White House or the media. He is old news and he is out of power, he will be quickly forgotten.

But, as the “investigation” goes forward, watch the press time given to Pelosi increase and sooner or later memos will be leaked, peoples notes will be leaked and the attention of the press will increasingly focus on Nancy.

The goal here is simple, make Nancy’s reelection impossible. If she is no longer a member of the house, she is no longer the speaker. Then BO and Rahm “The Prince of Darkness”  Emmanual can get someone who is completely in the tank for Obama. All democractic congressman will be told, “vote for my guy and you will find things working for you, don’t vote for my guy and any federal program in your district will suffer”. BO wants a good little soldier who is in the tank for him in place at the speakers office. This will give him the most control of the federal government that any President has ever had. The only person in Washington right now that can stand up to Obama is Pelosi and the White House can’t tolerate that.

Mark my words, three years after the special prosecutor has been appointed, Nancy P is no longer speaker of the house and probably no longer a member of congress.



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