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Sotomayor and SCOTUS July 15, 2009

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The liberal/left know that if they want to really restructure American society, they need to make changes to the constitution. They also know that they could never get the votes to do that, so the next best thing is reinterpret the laws as they currently exist. Remember Sotomayors comment, the courts are where really policy is made. That is Sotomayors real purpose. There are 5 goals that appointing her the liberal/left want to accomplish.

The first two are short term political goals with immediate returns. Appoint a latina and a lesbian to the court. Every amateur politician understands this and the expected impact. The last three are  long term, far more insidious and require a great deal more to happen first.

The three long term goals are 1) the repeal of the Defense of Marriage act, 2) the repeal of the 2nd amendment and lastly the repeal of the first amendment. Now the first of these is obvious to anyone, it’s the last two that cause confusion, but of course, I am here to explain it.

The 2nd amendment, the “right to bear arms” will be reinterpreted as a “group” right and not a individual right. This will enable all governments, Federal, state and local, to tax, license and restrict weapons of any kind completely out of existence. Effectively, the amendment will be repealed in all but name. This is required before any attempt at redefining the first amendment can take place.

The repeal of the first amendment will occur when “Hate Speech” is outlawed. The rationale will be that some words are so destructive and have so much negative history, that merely uttering them could be construed as a threat to some people.  Of course, anytime you disagree with the liberal/left you will labeled as a “hater” that has to be investigated and possibly prosecuted, that won’t be immediately apparent to the sheeple that currently live in the U.S. This will effectively end the first amendment in name only.

Now the liberal/left do not have 5 sure votes on SCOTUS. They will have one, Sotomayor. She is just the beginning. If Obama can he will change the country’s thought on the Bill Of Rights and he will do it “where policy is really made”, SCOTUS. He just needs four more like minded people.



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