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I’m BAAAAAACK! May 23, 2012

Posted by screaminglunatic in The Liberal/Left.

I got distracted for a while by Facebook. Unfortunately, many liberals are on it and I am not anonymous as I am here at WordPress. I work in a decidedly liberal establishment and need to keep my job, so posting here is safer and less likely to viewed by my boss. I have gone so far as putting a “Obama For President” bumper sticker on my car. I have no doubts it has helped me keep my job. The liberal/left being so tolerant and all.

Where do I start…….there is a liberal/left Professor who bills himself as “Notorious PHD”,a self righteous, self agrandizing leftist polluting the minds of our youth and the air with noxious emanations.

BO and his statement to the President of Russia that he will have more latitude after he is re-elected. This one just give me chills.

The entire occupy movement……..Do the liberal/left really think these people are worth supporting? That they have ANYTHING positive to contribute?

The violence of the liberal/left is escalating, slowly, we are hearing about incidents here and there. Like the one restaurant in Chicago where a troop of masked black clad individual stormed the place and beat the hell out of some of the patrons. Or the four cops at the occupy riot who were hospitalized, one of whom was stabbed. The occupy movement are the brown shirts of the liberal/left and as summer progresses, we can expect them to test the boundarys and tolerance of those liberals too weak to change their minds about the occupy movement. The Democratic convention will be the final staging and training point for the brown shirts. After this, they will fan out across the country and bring intimidation and destruction to your locality.If it looks likes BO is going to get re-elected, I am buying protection and I don’t mean Trojans.

Well, as time goes by I will be making more observations about the liberal/left.



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