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Amnesty For Illegals June 16, 2012

Posted by screaminglunatic in Uncategorized.

The real problem here is not the granting of amnesty to illegals, the greater problem is the President deciding to supercede the law.  The people representatives in the legislature have discussed and debated the issue allowing all opinions to be heard. They then voted on and passed a law. The President in his supercilious sanctimony decided that the peoples representatives should be ignored. The log  term ramifications of this are going to come back and haunt everyone in particular the liberal/left.

Sooner or later a Republican President will make a similar decision and the democrats are going to hit the roof. When that happens…….I told you so!

Now someone out there in cyberspace is going to offer up the rationale that the President was trying to help. That it is only fair that children who are succeeding and not starting any trouble should be made the exception. Fair enough. But let the peoples representatives in the legislature make that determination and not some tin horn despot.



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