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George Zimmerman and Justice February 9, 2014

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So let’s review……Trayvon Martin punched George Zimmerman in the face breaking his nose and knocking him to the ground. Then, the six foot tall Martin jumped on the chest of the five foot eight inch Zimmerman, pinning him to the ground and proceeding to punch him in the face repeatedly and bang his head against the ground. No one I know could have stood up and walked away with a six foot man sitting on their chest. No one I know could have prevented a six foot man sitting on their chest from grabbing them by the hair and banging their head against the pavement. Keep in mind banging the head of a liberal on the pavement will chip the pavement, but banging the head of any normal human on the pavement would render them unconscious and very possibly kill them.

Zimmerman, screamed for help (as heard on a recording) and after reaching the undeniable conclusion that he would be seriously injured or possibly killed George shot Trayvon, tragically killing him.

The police investigated the incident and concluded that Zimmerman acted in self defense. The district attorney investigated the case and concluded that Zimmerman acted in self defense. It was only after the liberal/left press got involved and pressured everyone involved to go after Zimmerman that he was arrested and tried. In the course of the month following the episode, the Police Chief resigned rather take part in the trial.

During the trial, the police who had investigated the case testified on Zimmermans behalf. The audio recording backed up Georges story. When the police told Zimmerman they had the incident on video (they didn’t, it was a ruse to see if George would waffle with his story) Zimmerman, stated that the video would back up his claims and he stuck with description of the events.

George Zimmerman was found not guilty of any wrong doing.

If I am ever in a situation like George Zimmerman, I will do the same thing.



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