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The Ukraine, The Russians and the Duplicity of Obama February 27, 2014

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OK, let’s review.

A few months ago the then President of the Ukraine announced that his government was going to align itself more closely with Putin and Russia. Now the Ukrainians remember that Stalin, in his efforts to collectivize agriculture in the Soviet Union starved millions of Ukrainians to death. The Ukrainians haven’t forgotten this. So they took to the streets and threw this President of the Ukraine out and in their minds align their country with western Europe instead. There was a great deal of violence in the process, but governments in particular leftist governments have never shied away from killing their own people in order to retain power.

Putin has recently decided that his army needs to have large military excercise’s right on the border with Crimea and the Ukraine. A Russian “spy ship” has recently docked in Havana harbor. A spy ship off the coast of the U.S. would be very useful when trying gauge the military response to an invasion of the Ukraine. To a great degree an invasion of the Ukraine would be in character for Putin as he sees himself as a strong and dominant leader.

One more thing, information is circulating that the C.I.A. helped the President of the Ukraine to escape to Russia. Was this to prevent further violence? Maybe. My concern is that Putin may not be able to let this go. Letting the C.I.A. bring down a government that had just announced cooperation with his.

What will Obama do if Putin invades the Crimea?……..nothing.

Stay tuned folks, we’re in for a bumpy ride.



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