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Weather Predictions For The Next Year July 3, 2014

Posted by screaminglunatic in Global Warming, Uncategorized.

First off the NOAA changed the hottest year on record to……1936. So please do not bring up the “hockey stick” argument.
Second, I am making an official prediction for the rest of 2014. I realize that it is the mid-year but my antenna are in the ether and they have picked up something that I need to report.

The remainder of the year will be cooler than normal and the up coming winter will be colder and snowier than last year.

Be prepared people, we’re in for a bumpy ride.



1. screaminglunatic - July 11, 2014

News reports and talking about another “polar vortex” for the remainder of July. Abnormally cold summer as far south as Texas…….there will be more.

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