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Elizabeth Warren And Citigroup March 3, 2015

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Fauxcahontas went on a rant against Citigroup back in December and since Citigroup has yet to pass all the “stress tests” required to begin acting independent of the Fed, I thought I might make an observation.

This coming Thursday, March 5 and next Wednesday, March 11 it will be announced whether or not Citigroup has passed this last test. If not, the top 5 executives of the corporation will be fired, at least that is what the pundits on Wall Street are saying. But I am wondering, just wondering mind you, that maybe there something else going on here. I may be wrong let me expand on this.

This upcoming Presidential election is the only one that Warren could realistically expect to win because of her age. She is 65 and after November 2017 she will be too old to expect to get and hold the office so this is her shot. What has that to do with Citigroup? Figure this.

Citigroup fails the stress test, the top executives are “forced out” and now Warren can put her energies into getting the political were-with-all to break up Citigroup. This is something she has been ranting about for a while. It also makes her look as if she has stood up to the big banks, which appeals to the left in the democratic party and helps her with the nomination. She appears to be a fighter for the common man breaking up “the trusts” just as Teddy Roosevelt did and with all of Hillary Clinton’s baggage coming to the surface, Warren looks more electable to the democratic troops.

So, it is my sense of things that Citigroup may be Warrens stalking goat. It is being put out there to be sacrificed to liberal/left and help Warren get elected.  We will know by the 11th. If Citigroup fails the stress tests, it will be sacrificed on the altar of leftist ideology and ultimately will help Warren gain the nomination for President as she will be portrayed by the media as the fighter for leftist truth. We will see Warren on the nightly news posturing against the banks and with a successful break up of Citigroup, as a leader for the next decade.

Don’t forget the first women nominated and possibly elected to the Presidency. Oddly enough, March is touted as “Women’s History Month”, coincidence no doubt.



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