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Degenerates Get to Marry June 26, 2015

Posted by screaminglunatic in Uncategorized.

Through out history, across the width and breadth of culture and human endeavor, marriage has always been defined as between a man and a women.

But, today, because 3% of the population will throw a hissy fit if we don’t, the corner stone of every civilization must be perverted.

Do NOT, ask me if I think people have the right to marry whom they love, they do not. No where in the world does that right exist.

Predictions; This is the largest and single most destructive thing to occur in western culture and it along with all the other destructive decisions being made spell the end of greatest experiment in the history of world. Western civilization will be said to have died today.

Homosexuals who marry will have a divorce rate of +90%. The only people who will benefit from this will be the lawyers.

This is the end of critical thinking and anything that could be construed as free speech. From here on in the destruction of those who disagree will only increase in frequency.



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