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More Misdirection November 12, 2015

Posted by screaminglunatic in Uncategorized.

I have noticed a pattern. Occasionally the liberal/left media decides that something is happening that you should pay attention to, the story they use to distract is one about laser pointers and airplanes. No doubt there are some knuckleheads using laser pointers in just such a manner, but what I writing about is the timing of the story.

Right now the American college student is having a mass temper tantrum, and to distract the working people from these spoiled over indulged children, the media is presenting stories that they hope, will appeal to everyone fear. Airplane crashes have an amazing ability to focus public opinion. The simple fear of one is enough to distract people from other issues.

I predict that as the campus emotionality increases, we will have politicians, with the full support of the media, campaigning for greater federal penalties for laser pointer misuse. All of this designed to distract from the leftists on campus.

It’s building folks, next summer is going to be a doozey.



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