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The End Of The American Experiment June 7, 2016

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With Hillary the defacto nominee of the democratic party, the fact that Trumps job is to drive every hispanic vote to Hillary in particular the illegals that have entered this country over the past 7 years, I hereby announce and affirm that today, June 7 2016, is the day that will be marked in history as the end of the American Experiment.

The first and second amendments, for all intents and purposes will be repealed.

The Freedom of speech will be subverted by ending “hate speech”.

The freedom of the press will be ended by requiring all “journalists” to be licensed. Chuck Schumer has said this out loud in public.

The freedom of religion will be ended simply by withdrawing the tax exempt status of the churches. If you hold service in your home you will be attacked by those in power because your home will not be zoned for a church.

The second amendment, which is currently defined as an individual right, will be redefined as a group right. You will not be allowed to own a gun or store one in your home.

The civil rights codified in the Bill Of Rights, will in effect, no longer exist.

Transgender is… June 1, 2016

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the destruction of “the self”.